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Customers may return for complimentary fringe or neck trim between haircuts, just book a ‘Short Appointment’ to secure a time. Some appointments will be in between the times (for example mens cuts), please book the larger appointment and i will adjust the price down at the time of the appointment. In some cases the cost of the product will be add on to the price, however this will never be more than 20 dollars.


15 minutes

Price: $25.00 Includes: fringe trim, neck trim, infant/toddler haircut, men’s buzz cut. Does not include: children haircuts (12 years and older), women’s haircuts, most men’s haircuts

30 minutes

Price: $50.00 Includes: men’s haircut, short women’s haircut (if maintaining an already short style), boys haircuts, girls haircuts (12 years and younger), basic shampoo and blow dry with an iron. Does not include: short women’s re-style haircut, girls haircuts (13 years old and older), basic shampoo and blow dry for very thick hair.


45 minutes

Price: $75.00 Includes: most women’s haircuts, girls haircuts (12 years and older), formal hair……

1 hour

Price: $100.00 Includes all that a ‘Haircut’ offers with a little something extra, eg: up to 5 accent foils OR, up-styling OR, a conditioning treatment, with haircut.

1 hour 30 minutes

Price: $150.00 Includes: Colour foils or perm only, ‘Short Appointment’ with colour or foils only or Existing customers who have Salon Altenburg’s prior approval to use this time slot.

2 hours

Price: $200.00 Includes most Haircut and Colour (or Perm) combined services First time customers wanting colour should choose this appointment Does not include: – Major colour change to already coloured hair – Haircut and Colour for very thick hair

3 hours

Price: $300.00 Includes: – Major colour changes to already coloured hair – Haircut and colour for very thick hair First time customers who are not sure of timing for their desired service should book this appointment – you will only be charged for the actual time taken to provide your service.

Still not sure? Give us a call or come on in and we can help you figure it out.